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Thread: Any ports after Charcoal, but before Softener?

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    Default Any ports after Charcoal, but before Softener?

    We have only moderately hard water (10gpg), with a good bit of chlorine from our city water. (1.4ppm avg)

    We're getting 1.5cu-ft GAC and softener. On it's way.

    The particular kidney issues in our household means we love all the sodium we can get. That's not why we're softening, but we're certainly not concerned about excess sodium, quite the opposite.

    Planning out my new plumbing lines, and what to put where. I would love other's thoughts.

    Here's what I have so far:

    outside hose bibs

    Post-GAC, Pre-softener
    ? not sure, special garden water line?

    Post-GAC, Post-Softener
    Bucket filler in basement
    All showers and sinks
    Hot Water heater
    possibly one outside hose-bib

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    Sounds good. Chlorine is not good for most items other than to protect the water supply. In general it should be removed just prior to use.

    Plumbing it to outdoor applications will use up its capacity quicker, but changing the carbon every 5 years is not difficult and it is fairly ineepensive. many companies will even send you the tank with the GAC and distributor installed, just swap the tank, reuse the valve.

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