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Thread: No clogs? Toto Drake Sanigloss?

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    Default No clogs? Toto Drake Sanigloss?

    We're putting in new toilets in two bathrooms. I was going to put both stories here, but I think I'll split the posts as the questions are fairly different...

    In the downstairs (tiny) washroom I want to replace an American Standard that clogs *constantly*. Now, I do have to admit that I have a sweet little daughter that produces movements that probably are 1000g. or more. So I need something in there that is a flushing champion. Also, I have to wipe down the bowl after pretty much every BM with that thing, and I had been hoping for something I wouldn't have to do that with. I also wanted to go with elongated comfort/ADA height to replace the lower, round bowl.

    I had pretty much decided on the Toto Drake, based on some rave reviews. Even with the elongated bowl, it isn't much longer than the round bowl that's in there. But then some people said that it did clog for them, and when it did, it was harder to plunge. And then there were people saying they had to use the toilet brush for the same reason I do. I heard about the American Standard Champion, but I'm don't think it will fit - it's another 2" longer than the Drake, and about 4" longer than my current toilet. So is the Drake still my best bet? How hard is the thing to plunge? Is there another choice out there that will fit my space and flushing requirements?

    And if I do get the Drake, to get the Sanigloss or not? I do have trouble with hard water stains. The elongated bowl ADA height of course does not come in Sanigloss. Should I give up and go with the lower height with Sanigloss, or get the ADA height without??

    ETA: And how's that Sanigloss to clean? I know it's supposed to keep it cleaner in general, but I think I have to use a special brush? If I'm constantly having to scrub out skid marks, will the gentler brush work? And where do I have to buy those special brushes?
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