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Thread: Low water pressure

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    Default Low water pressure

    My water pressure is low in my shower and in the kitchen sink. But the pressure is just fine in the basement n in the bathroom sink. I did the steps to checking my supply line n noticed there is a sound of water in the supply line after I told a local plumber this and he informed me that maybe the sound of just noise carrying thru out the house if my main was broken it would have taken out the entire house. He said I may just need to get my pipes inside checked. What could this be causing the low water pressure in my shower and kitchen? And my water has showed no differents. Also today I turned off the main for 5mins and turned it on rust shot out the bathroom faucet along with brown water.
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    Anytime you shut the water off, the surge in the pipes will dislodge accumulated crud in the lines...this is totally normal. If you have galvanized steel water lines, or steel nipples in the supply, eventually, those will rust from the inside. As they rust, the ID of the pipe gets smaller and smaller (rust is bigger than elemental iron). It's more likely a volume issue than pressure since a soda straw and a fire hose can have the same pressure, but the volume available out their ends will vary radically. You may also have some accumulated crud in the showerhead or aerators. Some valves have inlet filters, and those could be clogged. On the shower, take the shower head off, turn the water on and see what kind of flow you get out the pipe. If it's good, then suspect the showerhead. You can also unscrew the aerator on any faucet that is slow, and see if it improves the flow...check and clean it if necessary. If it is a result of galvanized supply pipes, you may be in line for a house repipe.
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