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Thread: Strainer or not

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    Default Strainer or not

    I wonder if a strainer before water treatment equipment is always advisable? I dont really have sediment problem with my well water but I tough it may help to protect equipment downstream. I was thinking about this Twist to Clean model :



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    If you don't have visible sediment no, it isn't worth the time, effort or cost because removing sediment is not needed. Actually a softener's resin will remove it,.
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    Agreed, softeners will remove some sediment and are self cleaning (backwash cycle).

    The Lakos Twist2Clean is a great product that is highly recommended if large sediment or debris is a problem.

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    Similar products are available from irrigation suppliers for 1/10 the price, but differ in the cleaning operation. I've got three of them that clean by opening a valve on the bottom of the cartridge holder. But it won't do you any good if there isn't anything larger than 100 mesh (.0059" or 149 micron) to filter out.

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