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Thread: Recessed fixture problem

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    Default Recessed fixture problem

    Hello. The pictured recessed fixture decided to drop slightly out of the ceiling. It might have been held in previously with a paint film (I cleaned up the paint edge a bit before taking the photos), but is not tight to the ceiling currently. Are there clips that I can reset/tighten on this? How do I take it apart? I would think the trim piece would pull down or pop off but I can't get it to move--the whole can just floats around in the ceiling. Thanks.

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    I figured out how to snap the trim off to get access to the retaining clips. I need a couple of new clips (might be lightolier part 1955). Anybody know if there is an equivalent/generic part available at the hardware store?

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    If the can is down you should be able to turn the clips back into position. If they are bent back too far you can just bend them back in.

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