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Thread: Expansion tank beat to death

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    Default Expansion tank beat to death

    I've read all the links and I think I'm on the right track, but I'd like to check. 40 gal LPG water heater, says the Det 5 from Watts will work, so I had a space issue to contend with. Cold line comes right out of wall behind water heater, very little room to mount above tank because of venting. So, looking at Watts diagram for Det 35, I fitted T, ran about 3' of copper to the side for expansion tank, and then off the end of T I affixed bib for cold water connection to tank. So, line in, T, extension for expansion tank, bib for water heater, placing the expansion tank (with an extension) between PRV, shutoff, and bib for water. Am I okay?

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    I got dizzy trying to follow you description, but if my mental picture is correct, so are you. Be sure the expansion tank is supported.

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    Default dizzy for sure

    trying to be clearer...no way to mount tank right next to tee, vertically, must run it off 3' extension from tee

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    You can mount the tank anywhere in your cold water system before the hot water tank. Running off a tee protects the system from pressure.

    I'm a little concerned about the references to "bib". That usually means a faucet valve that a hose is connected to. You shouldn't have a hose connecting to a permanent system unless it is designed for sustained use.

    There is very little flow to and from the expansion tank and if necessary you could use one of the flexible hot water supply lines that are often used for sinks. If you do that you would probably want to use one of those with the stainless braid.

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    Default Got It

    hence my sign in name. "Bib" is actually that copper male fitting I screw the flex line into. I think we're good, then.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Plumbcatastrophe
    So, looking at Watts diagram for Det 35, tank..
    The DET 35 is a large tank. It is the largest expansion tank Watts makes in the DET series. Isn't that tank a tremendous overkill for a residential application?

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    Default Indeed

    just mentioning the way they hooked it up. I've got the baby Det 5. They ran the line (extension) off the T for that hookup and I wanted to see if it would work for me.

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    Default tank

    IF you need an expansion tank, and not all systems need one, then it can be anywhere in the cold water system, and mounted in any direction, as long as it is supported so it cannot break off it the diaphragm ruptures and it fills with water.


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