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Thread: Problem with well

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    Default Problem with well

    I'm new here. And to be blunt, I don't even have anything to offer you. I don't know much about
    much of anything.... *SIGH* I'm just a girl who never paid much attention. I CAN make a baby laugh.

    Anyway, I tried to peruse your topics to see if I could find an answer, and couldn't.
    Maybe it was there but I couldn't understand what you all were saying. I hope that my
    question isn't redundant and if it is, if you would be so kind as to just post a link to a thread
    that may answer my question, I'd so appreciate it.

    My husband and I live in a new three year old house. New well.... heck, new everything. The well is
    a very irritating subject to me....BECAUSE, we have water that has a bit of sediment in it.
    I finally allowed my hair to grow out white and it now has a yellow tint to it due, (I think ) to that darned

    It was TERRIBLY dirty when we moved in, so I finally talked my husband into a filter. Now we have a bit of
    sediment and now our sinks and tubs are a beautiful shade of blue. Yes, I scrub very hard and the blue does
    come off. What is the blue anyway? Turquoise or some shade of blue. But worse than that is the sediment.
    Which I fear is eventually going to clog our pipes. Will it clog our pipes?

    I want CLEAN water. So why am I writing. I flushed the toilet the other day and it didn't catch. I left the room
    and the house and I guess it ran all day to the point we had really ugly brown water running through the
    toilet. We made a pack to just flush toilets, until this gets better, and the water now is just a slight brownish color.

    What can I do? None of this is important to my husband. He dares me to try to get anyone up here.
    He know it all and knows nothing can be done, that he hasn't already done. (That filter from Lowe's)
    Please can you help me? They had to dig a really far way down...Is 420 feet far for a well?
    I think that's how far it was... I'm sure that after reading my plea for help and you're thinking "That's clear as mud."
    But I really do not know how to explain it and if I say too much to the husband, he just gets mad. If I knew
    what I was talking about, he wouldn't get mad, but since I don't know what I am talking about...I'm just hoping you
    can educate me enough, so that I know what I am talking about and we can get this fixed. What's making my
    water reddish brown and the sinks blue? And can it be fixed, and if so how?

    I've kept my mouth shut for three years now. But before I speak up, I really need some backing from you guys.
    Ill keep looking at your threads to see if I can find something. Until then, God bless.

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    You would be better served posting in the softener forum. It really is about more than just softening.

    My guess is the reddish brown is rust but it could be red clay. The blue might be from copper pipes. Testing the water would be a good start.

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    In that you think my water might be hard or soft.
    As I am there looking.

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