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Thread: Saturn boiler

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    Default Saturn boiler

    Hi guys,

    I would love some info from you guys about a boiler that I am about to have installed in my home.

    We are building a new construction

    The plumber specified in his quote that we would be getting a (saturn oil boiler c/w reillo burner) and stated that it would ( need flue)

    This was fine by us and confirmed that our hvac guy would be venting this for us.

    The boiler is located in the mechanical room of the basement.

    Our plans clearing show the boiler venting out of the side of the house above grade.

    In many of the drawing you can see this. Our plumbing never ever mentioned......until installation day that this boiler needs a flue through the roof of the house. Even though we told his guys we would run the vent after installations for placement reasons.

    He know states that a new boiler. To allow him to do this will cost $1200 extra .....seems crazy to me.

    Any advice would be appreciated.

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    Straight up. That boiler is a piece of crap and you are throwing money up the flue no matter where it's vented. Find a reputable heating contractor
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