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Thread: Pressure regulators die on a regular basis.

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    Default Pressure regulators die on a regular basis.


    My municipal water pressure comes at me at 150psi, how they keep the pipes under the streets whole, I don't know. But I assume the Fire Captain is happy.

    I've been in this house 12 years and I have replaced many pressure regulators. Some years back I rebuilt all the manifold coming at the house with two ball valves and behind those are two 3/4" Wilkins pressure regulators that I can just drop out by backing off the two unions.

    One protects the house, the other protects all the sprinklers, I have a lot of sprinkler valves. One split in half the other day and was weeping. I put the pressure gauge on and the pressure was at 150 lbs, of course.

    So off to the store for a new regulator. The damned things cost more than $70.

    Is it practical to rebuild them? Where do I find the kits for CHEAP?

    And I suppose there is nothing I can do about them croaking under the 150 lbs from the city, can I?

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    You can try a two stage set up. Watts recommends this set up when the incoming pressure is very high. There is the possibility that during times of low demand the city main may reach these pressures.



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    Default Prv

    Wilkins is NOT my first recommendation for a PRV. I prefer Honeywell/Braukman. They last longer and are much easier to repair.
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