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Thread: Bottling Pressurized Methane from Well Water

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    Quote Originally Posted by craigpump View Post
    Maybe I'm way off base, but wouldn't it be easier to use a bubbler system similar to a radon abatement system to pull the gas off the water?

    What you have described is the "typical" methane abatement system.

    It requires

    A large open to the atmosphere storage tank w/ float valve control of well pump (200-500 gallons) and an indoor place; or below ground place to store it.
    an aeration sprinkler system within (or bubbler) and the air/circulation pump
    A "radon pump" system to evacuate methane to the atmosphere
    A second submersible pump inside the open top tank to repressurize degassed water into a well tank assembly.

    The downsides of the system are:

    Essentially doubling power needed to pressurize water at the tap (one pump in well, one pump in sump); so two 220 generators to pump water when the power is out unless you bypass the methane into your plumbing.
    Large tank takes up a lot of indoor space or requires digging.
    CH4 is at atmospheric pressure when released rather than pressurized as w/ the "spirotop" on my vortex.
    CH4 is a greenhouse gas 21x more powerful than CO2; one might conclude it "should" be flared before release
    Upfront cost of just the large tank and the extra pump exceed the cost of the whole vortex assembly. Though there are surely ways to get your hands on a cheap tank you could dig in by hand if you so choose.

    I'm really interested in "harvesting and burning" my CH4; keeping it at pressure without having to "repressurize it" for use. Perhaps heating my hydronic or hot water system with a prone-to-burn-anything and easy to construct "pulse jet engine" in the cavity of a gas hot water heater? Would sure put that bucket of large black iron reducer couplings to good use


    I'm thinking of storing the "pressurized methane" in two 275 gallon fuel oil tanks stacked w/ drain plugs connected. Methane would go into the top of the lower tank to evacuate RV antifreeze and the top of the upper tank would be open to atmosphere. The pressure would be minimal; in "inches of water column".

    I've kind of gone methane crazy... but I've even considered maintaining a pilot light and bubble column for offgassing at the tip of my "open to the atmosphere" upper tank so I'd flare off any excess. My cold water is "milky with methane" and my hot water will flare off 8-12" fire ball bubbles as long as I let it run... maybe once every 3-4 seconds. I have a good little bit you might say.
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