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Thread: Best, longest lasting fill valve?

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    Default Best, longest lasting fill valve?

    What is the best, longest lasting toilet fill valve? I have an old Norris Thermador produced in 1965. Any help you can give me is much appreciated!

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    I have seen this toilet.

    Many plumbers in here like the Fluidmaster 400A. No doubt about it.

    Others, including Terry, often recommend the Korky 528. It's a little quieter. It's easier to install, and the moving parts (the rubber stuff that will wear out over time) are contained in a little cap (the size of a dollar coin) that you can just buy for a couple of bucks and replace when the time comes. You don't have to change the whole valve.

    I have put the 528 in all seven toilets in our family home and am very happy with it.

    Korky is also made in the USA, Wisconsin in particular. The Fluidmaster is hecho en Mexico.

    There are a number of versions of the 528. Your older toilet requires a fixed 20% refill rate (20 percent of the water is diverted into the little rubber hose to refill the bowl). So you can use the basic white-cap 528, which has that fixed refill rate. It's available a lot of places, including Lowe's:


    Here's a video from Korky on how to install the 528:

    Let us know if you need any help, and let us know how it goes.

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    FWIW, the gasket seal for the Fluidmaster is cheap, too, and easy to install. The Korky turns off slower, so is less prone to water hammer. The Fluidmaster's float is external-the Korky one is internal, so is less likely to rub against something and get jammed (but that shouldn't be much of an issue if it is installed properly in the first place!).
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    The Korky 528 is a much better product than the Fluidmaster 400A. It's a lot more quiet and like what jadnashua said, The float is internal. Also the Korky fill valves will last you a lot longer. You can find many Korky products at Home Depot and Lowes. Hope your toilet will refill a lot faster and better now
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