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Thread: 1.6 vs 1.28 Flapper

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    Default 1.6 vs 1.28 Flapper

    Is the flapper on the 1.6 gal Drake the same as that on the 1.28 gal, with the only difference being the float on the chain of the 1.28 gal? If so, can I retain the chain and float on the 1.28 gal, and just replace the flapper, or alternatively move the float to the new flapper's chain?

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    The short answer is "No." The 1.6 Drake uses the flapper that is equivalent to the Korky "fits toto" flapper, 2021bp. That flapper is also used on some Emax toilets and some II toilets, but not on the Eco Drake. Get the Korky Large 3" adjustable flapper (3060BP) at Lowes or HD and you can set it as you desire.

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