Hi, new here. On a drilled well and have suffered with clear water iron >5PPM plus iron bacteria for years. Simple filters are not effective and every time I have researched something that might work it was cost prohibitive.

Was recently given a 5 stage with RO for just drinking water. Have it mostly installed but not hooked up yet because iron is one of the few things it can not handle. While the manufacture recommends an iron pre-filter they will not recommend a *specific* one since they do not sell them... Argh!

Want to avoid the expense of any thing whole house so what are my options? Will a washable ceramic be enough? Do they make a tiny softener system that can handle iron that high? Currently buying an average of 3 1/2 gallons per day for drinking and cooking, so 1 gallon per hour should still be plenty even with the RO wasting 2 gallons for every 1 produced.