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Thread: Converting a tub/shower to shower only

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    Default Converting a tub/shower to shower only

    I am in the process of remodling our 2nd flr hallway bath and have taken out the cast iron tub which had a tub drain that is a 1 1/2 inch P trap to a 2 inch (waste) pipe. I have come off the 1 1/2 P-trap back to 2 inch pipe about 2 1/2 feet to a 45 degree elbow to center the drain for the shower pan that will be installed by my tile installer.This was the easier and simpler way to go but want to make sure this will not be a draining problem once installation of shower is complete, I have taken a gallon or so pitcher of water and dumped it into the new drain a few times and seems to be fine. Does the drain need to be angled back to the P-trap because it is currently pretty level and if I raise the angle the drain and floor will be quite high?? Do I need to have a P-trap at the center and not at the back where it is now if so this poses a problem because I have some hot and cold water pipes running across where the P-trap would be centered?? If I was not clear on anything or if you have questions for me please let me know.Thanks for your help it is greatly valued and appreciated.

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    Default P under Drain

    The P trap needs to be under the drain fitting. The drain strainer, tailpiece, trap and drain arm all need to be 2". You may need to move water pipes.

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    Should it slope back to the waste??

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    The drain horizontal pieces should slope 1/4"/ft. down to the outlet.
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