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Thread: Primary Loop on a condensing-style direct vent boiler

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    Quote Originally Posted by philtrap View Post
    I would never fire it up without having a licensed installer (my Neighbor) look it over and sign off on it. I'm not that crazy and I don't want any problems or accidents. I'm just trying to save money by doing something I am fully capable to do. It's not rocket science.
    Sign off what? Did you pull a permit? Have you notified the gas company? You do know that the gas company needs to inspect the gas piping yes?

    That you are having to ask questions that are so very basic in nature tells us that you are not fully capable of doing the work. If you were "fully" capable you would already know about primary/secondary piping and you would already know the best practice for venting the unit. Knowing how to solder does not fully capable make. Do you understand that installing a condensing boiler on a system that most likely is fed by copper fin tube baseboard will almost certainly mean that your boiler will never condense and therefore never come close to the efficiencies you think it will. In fact, if the unit doesn't condense your efficiencies will be in the mid 80's But you probably didn't take that into account did you? And if you didn't not only will the unit not run at maximum efficiency, it will also short cycle which will reduce the life of the burner and components and cause you to make a bunch of phone calls to Triangle Tube. There's a reason why we have a license and well,,,,,,as far as I know rocket scientists don't
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