So long back story that I'll leave out, but I'm installing this Duravit toilet:

It has their Vario connector set which allows for a short offset. In hindsight I should have had the concrete floor (basement) ripped up to move the waste pipe, but this seemed like a reasonable option I could do myself. Ha. I followed the schematic on website and installed the water supply line 8" offcenter and 6" above floor. Finally got toilet together and... the water supply line hooks up to the bottom of the tank INSIDE the back of the toilet. There's nothing to allow the supply line to get from outside the toilet to inside the toilet.

I'm baffled. Flummoxed. Maybe I misread the schematic (quite possible, their directions are sparse, to be very generous), but you wouldn't put a water shutoff inside your toilet?!? How the flip is this thing supposed to be installed?

If anyone has seen anything like this before or has any thoughts I'd greatly appreciated. I'm about ready to take a drill to the side of the toilet to let me pass the supply line through. That couldn't go badly, right?!?