Hi fellas. 1st post here so be nice to me.

I have no soft water and I think I have an air leak in the right angle connector where the brine hose joins the float valve tube.

I need the name of this connector - inner teeth and o-ring with a pull out collar that is held out with a red clip.

I can hear it sucking air and I can see bubbles at the head end of the clear tube. When I disconnect it and jam it down into the brine I don't get air bubbles at the head end.

I've tried re-seating the connections - on both the fill pipe and the float tube with no success. I can push with all my might, pry out the collar and push in the clip while doing my best not to let the brine tube move. But then I see air bubbles at the head end again.

Do I need a new connector or is there some fancy tip for making a good connection? Thanks!