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Thread: Well Water Newbie

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    Default Well Water Newbie

    Just bought a 12 year old house with a well. It has a softener already and what I think is a spin down sediment filter before the pressure tank. It's missing the cartridge, how do I know which cartridge to purchase for replacement? Are these types of sediment filters good, or should I invest in something better?

    I don't have any foul smells, taste or discoloration.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Where is the pressure switch mounted? You NEVER want to have a filter before the pressure switch because if and when the filter plugs, the pressure switch won't be able to sense the increased pressure causing the pump to continue to run. A large enough pump set in a deep well full of water will make enough pressure to blow pipes apart and can even rupture a tank and turn it into a small rocket.

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