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Thread: seeking advice for water softener settings...and more- oh there's always more

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    Yes, that's the calculation. I'm not sure either why we're all focused on testing -- looks to me like you've got that box checked. Maybe the guy who tested by smelling it or looking at it got us distracted.

    One resource I found calculates the total hardness as:

    Hardness, mg equivalent/L CaCO3 = ([Ca, mg/l]*2.497) + ([Mg, mg/l]*4.116)

    Using your numbers, that would give 96.7*2.497 + 76.2*4.116 = 555.1 mg/L = 32.46 gpg, which is consistent with your report,
    so they have taken the Mg into account, as you thought. So from here on, assuming there are no nasty exceptions in the complete report, the
    calculations are pretty straightforward, explained at http://www.qualitywaterassociates.co...izingchart.htm.

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    Hay again. I'm asking about settings for the clack tc model.

    1 person household

    The system is existing & was installed for a family of 5. I don't know what's in the resin tank but the (clack) tag says :

    10 x 54

    Test results for well h20 (in mg/L):
    Coliform: absent
    Aluminum: ND
    Arsenic: 0.006
    Barium: ND
    Cadmium: ND
    Calcium: 96.7
    Chromium: ND
    Copper: 0.007
    Iron: ND
    Lead: ND
    Magnesium: 76.20
    Manganese: ND
    Mercury: ND
    Nickel: ND
    Potassium: 15.8
    Selenium: ND
    Silica: 25.10
    Silver: ND
    Sodium: 266
    Zinc: 0.015
    Total alkalinity: 160
    Hardness: 550
    Ph: 6.7
    TDS: 1400
    Turbidity: ND
    Chloride: 790
    Flouride: 1.4
    Nitrate: ND
    Nitrite: ND
    Ortho phosphate: ND
    Sulfate: 36.0

    About 75 more tests for organics : all ND

    Currently using program #1 w/ following :

    1 backwash: 8 min
    regenerate: 50 min
    2 backwash: 8 min
    rinse: 4 min
    fill: 8 min
    days between: 14

    Because of low water use I opted for 2nd backwash. Is this reasonable or simply unneccessary? My water stays soft thru 14 days - could I go longer? Should the fill time be adjusted? Basically i'd like some advice w/ these settings.

    Many thnx

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    Oh dear mikey- while you were responding I typed out all those results from my h20 test. Haha- & typed on cell fone... pita to say the least.

    So happy that you also saw that hang up on the tests... you got me out of a kafka moment.

    Yea, reading water? I could understand if he was smelling sulfur but not hardness.

    Thanks so much- I now can't see your response on this fone- thread won't update.

    I've been working on a diamondback rattler that I skinned & I don't want any advice on that but ... I ground up a bunch of rock salt - into a fine dust. I used that salt to dry the rattler skin. I was wondering about dissolving the salt in h20 & straining the solution : could that solution be poured into my brine tank? Or would that just be plain stupid? Anyone know?

    That's just a side note: my main concern is the settings on the softener.

    Edit: mikey replied yesterday-- seems I can't see page 2 w/ fone. Crumbs.

    & yes, that link is great & I've had it bookmarked. I'm just confused w/ the TC model- so little options. (Plus the red injector when I should have a white, but I think ditttohead implies that does not effect draw time- w/out computer I'm roughing it for resources: can't see that flow diagram)

    Anyone have advice for seeing page 2 on a fone?
    Again, many thnx
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    I agree, the comment on "I can tell how hard the water is by feel" threw us a bit.

    The only reason for retesting the hardess is to see if it is consistent, not a big deal but since you have the kit it is nice to check the raw water on occassion. Water hardness can fluctuate in some areas a lot. I will try to look at your programming in detail tomorrow but for now, every 14 days and still soft, sounds much better than every 3rd day... and do not use snake water in your brine tank. We do not want add any unecessary contaminants to the system.

    The injector does not afect refill, only how long it takes to draw the solution out of the brine tank. You can micro manage it and adjust the brine draw time to a shorter amount based on the injector size. But the gains in water and salt efficiency will be minimal. We use larger injectors on systems on a rare occassion when the customer wants the total regeneration time to be less than an hour, and smaller injectors when maximum efficiency is desired, but in general, an injector size up or down wont make much of a difference.

    hope this helps!

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    Hahaha- on the snake water (!)

    & thnx dittto for recommending mialynette. Spoke to him & he also told me that the snake salt could add bacteria. He's a nice guy.

    Sorry about the confusion earlier: I thought that comment about being able to read water might be funny.

    & now the injector bit makes more sense- merci

    After speaking to mialy... I went back to the 6 min fill. But I forgot to ask about the 2nd backwash. As I said, I choose that since its just me in the house - & my water use is very inconsistent. No other reason. did I choose the appropriate program? The TC is limited.

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