first off ... i am in no way a real handy man... my interests lean toward the humanities.
i've spent some time reading this board and many thanks for the little i know.

10 x 54 resin tank
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you folks may want more particulars on pipes, etc - please ask & i'll do my best.

hardness : 550 mg/l
magnesium: 76.2 mg/l
calcium: 96.7 mg/l
(no iron, my test results are pages long & i think i've included the pertinents. if you need more, pls...)

i'm thinking my test results include the magnesium in the hardness- am i wrong?
is my hardness 32.5 grains per gallon? thats the calc i've been using.

1 backwash: 8 min
regenerate: 50 min
2 backwash: 8 min
rinse: 4 min
fill: 8 min
days between: 14

i choose a 2nd backwash due to low water use and would like some input on this choice.
this is program 1 on the clack ws 1 -tc.
why the clack tc version, you rightly ask? good question - that's the more portion.

i bought a house with a well/septic system that was in need of some repair, which i slowly
addressed. the set up is outside and was uncovered but my brother built me a lovely wee wind
resistant shed. after a couple years i needed 2 pumps replaced and a mechanical fleck head repaired.
a neighbor recommended a fellow who talked me into a new electronic metered clack head. after
some back & forth i acquiesced on the electronic metered clack head because (while i like mechanical)
i'm all about efficiency.

when i mentioned my water tests the fellow told me he doesn't use tests because he can:
read water by looking at it. i inquired about his settings but he told me if i had any
problems to call him. when pressed, he did tell me that he set the softener to regenerate every 5 days,
which i believe to be a bit much but figured i'd sort it out later.

giving the system a few weeks to rid the pipes of any residual crap, i called about the water not being
soft. the dealer came out and changed the regeneration frequency to 3 days.

i eventually reset the softener to the above with a 6 minute brine fill (more on that to follow) but
would like some advice. additionally, this guy talked me into an electronic metered head. i'd already
ordered the parts to repair the mechanical head but due to the efficiency of the metered head i went
with it. now i've got an electronic non-metered head. and ... there's still more.

i have a 10 x 54 resin tank - that's what the tag says. from the beginning the fellow has called the tank:
a 1 cu ft tank. & he wrote the order as such. all this caused me to check which injector he installed:
the red, d injector for a 9" tank which only confuses things further & i do apologize for this - certainly
makes calculations more complicated for me. assuming good faith, what is the advantage for going down
a size on the injector? i've only just removed the injector cap to check the color - and this prompted me to
up the brine fill from: 6 to 8 minutes, thinking that lengthening (?) the brine fill would compensate...
but honestly: its all disheartening.

after 2 regens & using the hach 5b the water tests about 0 - 1 gpg. i'll need to go thru more regens and
see how it goes thru 14 days, but i have no idea how to adjust for the red - rather than white - injector...
its over my wee head. originally, i was seeking advice to set what i assumed was a metered clack - oh, them
were the days ...

but what about that injector size? and the non-metered head? from a fellow who can read water by
looking at it ... ? some advice - please ... & thanks so much.