Hello all. New to the forum and new to shallow wells. I live in a very sandy area (all sand). The water table is ~9' below grade (lower in the summer). I pounded 2" galv. pipe with a sandpoint down 17' until it wouldn't move any more. I think I'm on bedrock based on info from a local driller. To blow the well out (clean the sandpoint) I rigged up a spicket on the top of the pipe so I could flush the well out with water pressure from my city water supply. I have standing water in the pipe at 9'. I know this b/c I sucked all the water out of the pipe, waited a while then measured the standing water using a string and weight. I attached a rudimentary diagram of the well and the pump so you can see what I set up. Basically, I put a pvc elbow on the top of the galvanized pipe, reduced from 2" to 1 1/2". That takes me through my foundation, then there's a priming t, a check valve, a 1 1/2" to 1 1/4" reducer and the jet pump. The horizontal distance between the elbow on top of the well pipe and the jet pump is only ~10'. My problem is I can't get the jet pump primed. I pour water in the priming t inside the foundation and in the priming t on top of the jet pump and cycle it. Have done this MANY times. No luck. My question is ... what could be wrong? Should I have a check valve closer to the top of the well or?

Thanks in advance for your help.