Hello, and thank you for all the wonderful information and help from everyone.

I have a Kinetico water softener system that has worked less and less effectively since the moment I moved into our home 3 years ago. They have never once gotten it working after coming out twice and last time wanted us to by new resin tanks for only $1500 + some new valves and other equipment. I haven't used a bag of salt in 2 years out of 3 - so we are done with that company.

Currently I have very smelly water (both hot and cold), and the stains in the toilet and tubs are so bad. I have effectively cut out all white from my wardrobe because it stains my clothes after 1 wash. I did the slime test and it feels slimy to me, and if we let the toilet go a long time, it starts to build almost an algae-like orange residue. I've HAD IT!

We recently have received 3 different bids, but they all have different components, recommendations, and all have pros and cons.

The first is:

No new pressure tank (ours is small, not standard size) ---> 1 Micron Filter ---> New Softener ---> KDF Filter ---> House (We have an under sink RO filter).

Second idea:

New Pressure Tank 85 gallon ---> Chlorine Injector ---> Greensand Filter 2 cubic ft ---> New Softener ---> Carbon Filter ---> House

Third idea:

New Pressure Tank ---> Cascadian 10 IronMax Filter ---> New Softener ---> House

The following results were given by 1 company, but we have heard differently (of course) from the other 2.

PH=7.26 (we've been told from 7.0 - 7.2)
Tannin=0.0 ppm (0.095)
Iron=4.32 (the other 2 companies say it is closer to 2.5 ppm)
Manganese=0.0 ppm (0.2 was another numberů)