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Thread: Help - New to Wells and I have bad report and many opinions

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    Default Help - New to Wells and I have bad report and many opinions

    I need help sorting through all the info, disinfo, and options for my water situation.
    Attached is the water analysis report and the well inspection report.

    I and 1 adult renter are using the water. No special water needs, there is another well (not working) for landscaping.

    I have had opinions that include:
    - buy a holding tank
    - buy a new well
    - by this treatment system for $15k
    - just put chlorine in then add a softener
    - you don't need a clean out, just add a home depot GE softener
    - you do need a filter and softener for $3k
    - etc.

    Hoping for expert advice without a sales pitch.
    I understand there is high mg & fe content and that a simple softener will not work efficiently.
    I know there are uv filters for the coliform, but not sure i need one. I know I can add chlorine to decontaminate but no one wants to do this.
    I know there are maintanence issues with less expensive salt filters, but now not sure they will work with high mg levels

    I need help!
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    No time now to reply in detail, but your water loks fine. A little treatment should do you.

    Your pH is slightly low, your harness and tds are minimal, your iron and manganese are high, but nothing that is not easily treatable.

    A Home Depot softener... no.

    The proper method would be redundancy for the coliform, so a chlorine system and a post UV, but is it necessary?

    Raise the pH, calcite system, this will also raise the hardness, will it be necessary to remove the harness? Personal prefence at the low levels you will have. iron removal, chlorine, contact tank, and a simple GAC filter would be the simple way to take care of two problems at once. Chlorine pellet system or a simple pump, personal preference, we sell an almost equal amount of both.

    What kind of a budget do you have? This will determine the treatment level and methods. What water quality do you want to finish with? What State are you in?

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    Wow. Now this is the first reassuring info I've received (depending on costs). I'm in CA.
    Just bought the house and there are obvious Fe and Mg stains. So whatever filter to deal with that and a softener that will work but not require monthly costs would be nice. I could attempt a DIY fix, but as I am such a newbie it would help to have a local person (zip 95415) help me out with all this at least for the first go around. I was dismayed by the coliform but a lot of people have said not to worry.

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