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Thread: Toto Drake toilet product review

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    Default Toto Drake toilet product review

    We have two and a half baths in a 17 YO house and were constantly having to look for the plunger. I even had to instruct my family how to shut off the supply lines on the old toilets within 10 seconds of a problem. They all got pretty good at it. I did some internet searches and came across your sight. We wanted the best toilet made.
    We bought the Toto Drake in ADA style last fall to try it and see if your readers accounts were true. They were. We since purchased two more Toto Drakes and I don't even know where the plunger is now since we have not used it even once since.
    We noticed how quiet these are and how fast the tank refills. We also like the "variable flush" where a quick push of the handle empties liquid waste and holding the handle longer empties solid waste.

    Thanks for the web site.

    K. Womack

    Toto Drake Installation instructions

    Drake flushing 800 Grams

    How a Toto toilet flushes
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