....and so do I because I haven't heard "WHERE IS THE PLUNGER!!?! since we installed the Drake over a month ago. This cry for help used to echo though the hallways at least once every 4 or 5 days. In fact, I found out that things were so bad that visiting family members would take bets on how many times the old toilet would clog up during their visits!! I'm very happy to report that no money exchanged hands over the Thanksgiving holidays .
Now, my wife says things like "I love the way that toilet flushes!"
Are we happy? You bet! Would we recommend it? In a heart beat!

Terry, we have found the reviews and the comments on your site to be invaluable in helping us to make our decision.
Thank you for the time and effort-you have made this an invaluable and trustworthy resource to guide the naive consumer such as myself, through the mysterious and unfamiliar land of toilet selection.