I got 2 of the Drake toilets but am having a bit of a problem with the install. The biggest problem is that we had to replace the floor. The old was too rotted and the plumbing assembly for it came apart so we couldn't see how it went. It was so old I don't think it was much like the new setup. We were told to put in a toilet flange thingy that looks like it can twist to fit. But we're not sure how it is supposed to fit. Is the flange supposed to be set into the floor or is it supposed to just sit on top of it?

Another issue is the Johnny Bolts the Toto dealership place sold us: we can't figure out who they are supposed to fit. They have an eliptical shape rather than rounded and won't fit into the slots of the flange. They also don't have any holes with which to screw them down. I guess they have to be fingertightened. They came with some weird plastic thingies that I assume are like washers, but the bag didn't come with any indication of how they are supposed to fit.

I can take pictures or draw diagrams if necessary to make this more clear. I'm just stuck right now and can't figure out what to do. We called for a plumber but he's not currently available. :-(

I would really appreciate any info. Pictures or diagrams would also be great.