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Thread: Toto Drake toilet product review

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    Drake, eh? Okay.
    And what sort of commercial places have been installing them? Any restaurants?

    I'm asking because I may be able to do a short write-up about one of the Toto toilets in a trade magazine read by people who build and equip restaurants.


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    I've seen the Drake installed in quite a few various commercial apps. Office buildings, restaurants, hotels, churches.... If you go to Toto's website, they do have a separate listing of what they consider "commercial-grade" toilets, which isn't every one they make.

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    Installed a Toto Drake ADA Comfort height/elongated toilet yesterday.

    Customer loves it and knows how to hold down the trip lever to fully evacuate the tank in case of large deposits into the bowl.
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    Smile Toto Drake Toilets

    I just want to "second" all the good comments about the Toto Drake toilets. I put in one a couple of weeks ago and have had zero problems with it. Even DW can't find anything wrong with it. If you are looking for an inexpressive low-flush toilet that really works, then this is an excellet choice.

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    Default yooo.....

    wow. that's awesome you guys are actually talking about those Toto's. My buddy isn't going to believe it.

    Home renovations are easier than you think.

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    Default Good deal

    I have managed to come to hate my toilets. They almost dared me to use them without plunging or scrubbing; every, single time. Then I decided it was time to move up in the world, so I started studying and learned of Toto toilets. Based on the reports I read on Love's web site, I purchased a Drake. It cost over $400 with the fancy lid and super finish, but I decided to take the "plunge".
    It is now installed and functioning without pause. It is quiet, and although I am not certain I have challenged the 900gm limit, it has handled everything I have dumped on it. It has no swirl, so very occasionally it will still require minor brush cleaning, but basically it works as well as I had ever hoped. It was worth the money and the wait!
    Jack in Oro Valley

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    Our new TOTO Drake, that looks nothing like a duck, has turned the toilet into an object of wonder and amazement. Why we didnít convert sooner is beyond me. Thanks a lot.

    Moshe and Maleah

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    Default Works Great

    Well if the prior posts haven't convinced you by now to buy a Drake then this one probably won't but if you are looking for a great toilet get a Drake. We bought an Ultramax from Toto and were so happy we decided to get Drakes for the other two bathrooms becuase they were almost half the price as the Ultramax.

    Result? Different toilet, same amazing performance. Buy a Drake, toss away your plunger, simple as that.

    As a hint to others we gave away our old toilets through Craigslist in the free section, better than just dumping them in the trash. I almost feel bad about though considering they didn't flush very well but we did mention that up front.

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    Default Toto toilet noise

    I have been an enthusiastic supporter of Toto toilets (I replaced two UR low-flow toilets with Totos). However, my older Toto (about 5 years) has started making a really LOUD vibrating noise when it is flushed. I'll phone Toto on Monday when their customer service opens, but am dismayed that such a well-designed toilet should have this type of problem.

    The installation booklet says chloramine treated water, which our municipality uses, may have negative effects on Toto toilets. Could this be what's causing the problem? Can I fix this problem myself? Why doesn't Toto have information on its website about product problems? HELP!

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    A new fill valve.
    "The biggest regrets we have in life are the chances we never took."

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    You can get a Korky Quietfill valve from Lowes for about $8.47 Takes about 10-minutes to replace. While youare at it, replace the supply hose, too.

    Or the $2.47 assembly cap will fix it too.
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    Jim DeBruycker
    Important note - I'm not a pro
    Retired Defense Industry Engineer; Schluter 2.5-day Workshop Completed 2013, 2014

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    Talking New TOTO owner

    Hi Terry,

    I just wanted to say Thanks for a wonderful website with great info.

    I have been strugling for 2 months now with a A/S Cadet 3 toilet. Last tuesday it stop working and after many attempts to fix it it just would not work. We called a plumber in to check the main drain and he said it was just fine. Wednesday we talked about replacing the Cadet and what to get? After google searching we came across your site.

    Thursday morning we returned the Cadet to Lowes and went to a local plumbing supply and purcased the TOTO Drake with the SanaGloss and self closing lid (Wife picked out the gloss and lid options). Anyway no problems for almost a week now which is great for a house (with 3 teenage boys) that was built in the 1950's with no basement.

    Thanks again


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    The Toto Drake freed me. My fourteen-year old son is mildly autistic, and happens to be able to plug any ordinary toilet. After an overflow incident many years ago, he would not flush the toilet again. I got sick of dealing with his bizness, so reading this forum, I got the idea to replace the toilet with one that could "flush a penguin", and couldn't overflow on an ordinary flush. The Toto Drake. I ordered one online, and it arrived a couple of weeks later. I installed it myself according to the instructions on this website. I had to deal with a broken ABS plastic flange, which I repaired with a ring from Home Depot), but the installation otherwise went smoothly.
    I demonstrated the flush action to my son, and he agreed to try taking care of his own stuff. I haven't had to do it since the Toto went in.
    In time, two more toilets in the house will be replace with Toto Drakes (Sana-Gloss ADA).
    Thanks for the site Terry.

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    Default toto drake - good at flushing, chain always coming loose

    I bought 2 drakes for my home and they certainly are good at flushing, they never once got clogged where my other toilets, gerbers, were always getting clogged. I only issue I've had with them is the link that connects the chain to the flap was always coming off, so I would have to open up the tank and re-attach. This happened to both the toilets, so I'd have to say that this is a flaw in the manufacturing of the toilet.

    Korky 3" Replacement flappers for the Drake are carried at Lowes for $9.99
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    Default Another Drake, and a question

    I just replaced an 11-year-old American Standard Pressure-assisted Cadet with our 2nd Toto Drake. Main reason was that we were getting used to the ADA height on our first Drake, and plopping down on the old standard-height Cadet wasn't fun any more. A few days later we're a very satisfied 2-Drake family. Sold the old Cadet for $10 at a local used building supplies exchange.

    The question: as I inspected things prior to installation, I noted that at the trapway exit, there's a deep ridge in the interior of the trapway circumference, about 1/4" above the exit. I'm wondering why this wouldn't be a potential point for a snag and clog to develop? I don't remember seeing this in the first Drake, but then again I didn't look it over very carefully. Seems to me I'd want this to be a smooth surface to encourage the waste on its way.
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