Hello and thanks in advance for any response. I just bough a new home and want to install a iron filter and water softener. I plan to use either chlorine or H2O2 injection with carbon filter and then a softener. My first question is if you guys were going to build this system what would be the sequence of items (pump > injections sys > iron filter > pressure tank > water softener). I am confused about where I tee off the lines for the outdoor faucets. I would like to not have soft water running outside but would not mind iron free water. The second question what gadgets like any check valves, air release valves, pressure gauges, bypasses, etc would you put in the system. I was thinking of putting in a bypass to bypass all or a single part of the filtering equipment, a few spigots to test the water at various points, pressure gauge, etc? Here is what I have right now, 1/2hp submersible pump, 12 gal/min, and 20 gal pressure tank. The water has iron no sulfur or bacteria. I have not seen any sand in the water. The water is clear with a slightly orange tint. Thanks for your input