Hi guys, thanks for the great forum here. Helped me install a Grundfos at 300' without a hitch.

So here's the situation: My wife and I bought 40 vacant acres in SW Wisconsin and are living out of a yurt for a couple of years until we can build a house. Last summer we drilled our well (300', water at ~150'), installed the Grundfos SQ-Flex (we are on an off-grid solar system) and ran 1" poly in a 7' deep trench from the pitless to two yard hydrants. The pump is wired directly to a circuit breaker, so we open a hydrant THEN turn on the breaker, fill up containers with water /water the garden, turn off the breaker THEN close the hydrant. I know, I know, I know, we're playing with fire.

We figured we could save some money and live with this for the year or two before we built the house and put in a proper pressure tank system in the basement. Well, as we're getting more animals on the farm and planning our wedding for the fall (on our land) we're thinking it would be really nice to have on demand water, even if only in the summertime. Which brings us to my crazy(?) idea:

Can I run a line from one of the yard hydrants to a pressure tank / switch and still use both hydrants? The first yard hydrant would always be open with a T at it's outlet, one side going to the pressure tank, the other side to a garden hose. That seems like it would work fine to me, but what happens with the other hydrant? When I open hydrant #2, water would flow from the pressure tank back through hydrant #1 to get to hydrant #2. How terrible for the system is that?

This would just be for this summer and next, and then I can move the setup to the basement when I build the house. Can something like this be done, or do I need to dig back down to the buried pipe and just put everything before the hydrants? I'd like to avoid that because my soil is clay and huge rocks (I busted 3 teeth off the bucket of the digger I rented to dig the trench the first time....). And that digger is expensive....

Thanks for looking.