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Thread: Back Butter Buddy - Tool Review

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    Default Back Butter Buddy - Tool Review

    I just opened up my newest package today and inside was a brand new Back Butter Buddy. What a genius invention this little gizmo is. I have had the pleasure of following the inventors process while he fined tuned the design over these past 14 months and waiting for it to come to be has been like waiting for Christmas.

    It is so simple and yet so genius. Anyone who sets tile at one point has used their water bucket as a rest for tiles to be back buttered. This tool simply sits on top of most any 3 or 5 gallon bucket and gives the user a lazy Susan still spin feature. Setting a lot of tile it can be a ton of extra work back butter every one. Espically if you have to hold and flip each one.

    This little tool makes short work of it.

    I'm going to enjoy using this tool and will report back in my findings of it's use on our next tile project.

    If your not familiar with back butter take a look at this video to understand what this step is.

    One thing to check before stacking tiles like shown is that the back sides have been cleaned and washed. Some tiles back to front can cause transfer so make sure you check this before stacking a load of tiles this way. One trick would be to use scraps of cardboard or Ram Board between tiles if there is a risk of scratching. I find it rare that there is transfer or scratching but make sure you do.

    To quote the inventor of this tool.

    "I can not wait to take it for a spin!"

    Top view of the new Back Butter Buddy - other than the crappy grout in the picture (Star Quartz Urethane) you can see the simple design of this tool. It spins left. It spins right. If you have ever spend hours and hours back buttering tile you get what a pain it is to clean your hands and always be flipping your grip. Most setters don't back butter tiles anyway - this is the job for the apprentice or helper.

    Here is a look at how you use your new tool from Pr1mo Tools.

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