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Thread: Code relating to shower valves . . .

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    Default Code relating to shower valves . . .

    I am a homeowner in Illinois renovating in a old house (1930s). The renovation is extensive-enough that it requires current code compliance.

    We are trying to maintain the historical authenticity of the house (because it was designed by a noted architect) and we are being told that, because of plumbing code, we are REQUIRED to install those ubiquitous, modern, single-handle shower mixers instead of the traditional, separate hot and cold valves.

    The regional Kohler showroom (owned and run by Kohler) said they are prohibited from selling individual hot and cold shower valves in the State of Illinois because of code issues.

    I am amazed by this.

    I see that there are independent temperature compensating valves (tempering valves) available, and independent pressure compensating valves (balancing valves) available.

    Can not an arrangement of these valves (located in an adjacent closet wall with a maintenance access panel) substitute for the safety functions of a single-handle shower mixers? After all, what is a single-handled shower mixer but a unified combination of these valves.

    I am willing to spend the extra money to engineer an appropriate substitute for the single-handle mixer, but I am being told that nothing will be acceptable.

    Is it true that there is no reasonable solution to this code issue?

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    Some places allow the balancing valves with a two handle. I would be asking your plumbing inspector first. He's the one you need to convince.

    There are some really great looking single handle valves now, and I'm sure your deigner, were he living today would be all over them.

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    Default valve

    Grohe, and Kohler used to but I cannot find it right now, makes a pressure balancing unit which installs in the hot and cold lines to a 2 valve tub/shower valve, which makes the valve code compliant.
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    any ASSE1016 tempering valve ahead of the two handle in an accessible location to limit shower water to 115 degrees. not required for tub only

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    Keep looking

    So many single handle fixtures that work as temperature balancing, pressure balancing and also give the option of multiple shower heads.

    Lots to choose from. Dig deeper

    jfrwhipple@gmail.com - www-no-curb.com - 604 506 6792

    Always get construction advice double checked by your local city hall. Flood Test Every Shower - Every Time.

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