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Thread: Water Column Installation

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    Default Water Column Installation

    We are remodeling our bathroom, it is currently gutted. We planned on installing this KOHLER K-45209-CP HydroRail -R Shower Column. There would be a shower head and a hand shower, controlled by a valve on the hydrorail. Then we would purchase a valve and trim to control the flow between the hydrorail unit and the tub spout. It would look like pages 4 or 5 in this brochure


    The problem is that we've been told the configuration they show in their brochure can cause back pressure and leaking! But we thought this product was designed specifically for this purpose, they even call is a bath/shower column in their brochure. We are now very confused. We would greatly appreciate any insight into using shower columns with a tub. Is there a better product for our application? Will this one work fine contrary to what we've been told?

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    It's an elegent solution to having a rain head and a hand shower.
    It works!

    The unit easily replaces a standard shower arm and shower head.

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