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    More Problems - Need your Professional opinion

    OK, I need some really good advice ............. I will try to make this really brief:

    1- For the past 3 or 4 years I have been posting here off & on about my suspicion of our 4 inch sand well possibly having some kind of problem.
    2- Well, this past week the 18 year old 1 HP submersible pump showed that it was on its' very last leg. As indicated in one of the above post, it was replaced on Friday.
    3- Either the new 1 HP F&W pump is a much stronger pump than what I had OR the old 1 HP pump had deteriorated much, much longer back and I just had not realized it ................ and the pump just did not want to give up.
    4- Last year I had mentioned it appeared the well may be going dry .................. but, this year things looked much better. Turns out, it wasn't much better this year, the old pump just could not pump as much water ............. as noted in one of the above post the impellers were just about shot.
    5- The new 1HP F&W pump pumps very well .............. and I am sure my old pump did just as well a few years back. However, the new pump can empty the well in a short while ............ remember this well is for our lawn sprinkler system, washing autos, etc. and nothing more. We have city water for the house.
    6- So, here is what I had to do today to keep the sprinkler system operation until I can get something else done. I first had to partially close the ball valve (roughly half way) to throttle down the flow. I then had to adjust the pressure switch so that the pump would cut off at about 52 PSI and cut back on at 34 PSI. I do have a 40 gallon water tank connected to the system. This means the pump runs for about 2 minutes and is then off for about 40 seconds until the tank empties and the cycle then repeats. I KNOW this is not the best approach and I do not like for a pump to cycle. The sprinkler system was designed for 10 gallons a minute .......... at about 50 PSI and up until today ALWAYS ran constantly.

    So, here is what I need to know:
    1- Is the well salavageable? With the well seal raised about 10 inches, I can put my ear near the opening and it sounds sort of like a water fall going on down inside. The well is 145 feet deep and the driller put two 20 foot sections of "strainer' on the bottom. I say strainer, the 4 inch pipe appeared like it had very small cuts from one end to the other. I've never seen this type pipe at Lowe's, etc., but I am sure it is a standard for well drillers. Can these slots get clogged over time and simply "starve" the well of water?
    2- My two neighbors on either side of me are having no issues. One has a well that is about 100 feet and the other has a well that is the same depth as mine. Is this a good sign that our stream probably isn't drying up? For many years our static water level was 111 feet AND did not drop even when sprinklers were running! The well is 35 years old.
    3- Now the static water level is about 117 feet and as indicated, drops a lot. And yes, lots of folks have put in wells in our neighborhood over the years.
    4- Based on what I have stated, would it be worth having a driller drop a camera down in the well to determine what is going on? Or, no matter what, it would be difficlut to "fix"?
    5- Or, is it time for a new well?
    6-And finally, if I have to run our new pump as described above for about a month or so, would that be acceptable? I don't want to ruin the new expensive pump nor do I want to let the lawn suffer ......... nothing but sand here.

    Oh, by the way ............ the well has always pumped a small, small amount of sand. However, today after about 2 hours of run time I estimate the filter had about 1 full tablespoon of sand ............. I caught a little of the sand as I purged the filter. Cant't lower the pump anymore as it is already 1 foot from the bottom and has been like that for years:

    All comments appreciated .... and feel free to ask questions

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