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Thread: Washington State and it's "dance" tax

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    Default Washington State and it's "dance" tax

    Washington State taxes places that have dancing.
    The tax, which dates back to the 1960's, is levied on businesses that offer people the "opportunity" to dance.
    Not everyone was aware of the tax. When approached by the State for the back "dance" taxes, many places went out of business. Some considered reopening and dropping music and dancing as a result of the dance tax. Are they trying to tax us to stay home, turn on the TV and watch others being active participants in life? Dancing as a whole, has had a bit of a downturn because of the economy, which has lately been picking up again. I feel for those whose life is music, feel for them being targeted by the State and being taxed now for enjoying with their feet are feeling.

    The Times had a nice article about the Century being saved by those that dance there.

    Also this from the State's website

    RULE 183; RCW 82.04.050(3): RETAIL SALES – AMUSEMENT AND
    OPPORTUNITY TO DANCE. When a nightclub provides a dance floor along
    with music, it is clearly providing patrons with “the opportunity to dance.”
    Therefore, the cover charge for admission is subject to retail sales tax and
    retailing B&O tax


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    "If you want to dance you got to pay the fiddler." lol.

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    The tax may be repealed now. It just needs the govenor to sign the bill


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    There's always one way of stopping things, that is to boycott. Stop going places to dance that charge the tax, it will put pressure on the right people. By the way, I was just trying to be funny, my husband always used that expression with me. Hope this helps.

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