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Thread: Raj's SEO Service's $7.99 Flat "Guaranteed Page One On Goggle" - For Contractors Only

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    Default SEO Sercrets by www.finddotcom - Love this!!! A new twist on the old bait and switch

    Some excellent trickery this morning.

    Found a new search engine showing up in my blog stats from www.finddotcom.com When I went to this webpage it ddid look like a search engine page. Raj taught me to search search engines and type keywords to see if his SEO Services are working. When I typed in my SEO TOP KEY WORDS it redirected me to this page;


    And then I relealized it was the old switch a roo. Love it. Score one for the SEO Masters at www.finddotcom.com

    Any contractor looking for the best price on SEO MArketing should check out this link http://instantbacklinkmagic.com It's Back Link Magic. They fooled me. I bet they fool you. Such a sneaky team - hats off... Well done.

    Has anyone contacted http://instantbacklinkmagic.com?

    More contact infomation for this team here;

    For product questions, bug reports, feedback or refund request feel free to contact us at http://help.mikebytes.com. We are usually back to you within an hour or two.



    We are India based Search Engine Optimization (SEO) firm with 120+ executives including Google Analytics and Ad words certified professionals.

    Please refer below the list of few SEO activities, which make us different from other service providers.
    1). In-depth website analysis.
    2). 100% unique content.
    3). 100% relevant back linking (Very targeted).
    3). On page optimization by well experienced web developers only.
    4). Social Media Optimization by Social Media specialists only.
    5). Detailed Reports (List of SEO activities, Current status of website).

    We do online promotion job strictly on these facts.
    1st Page rank on at-least 50% keywords.
    2nd- 3rd Page rank on 30% keywords.
    4th- 100th Page rank on remaining keywords. (With in next 6 month)

    We have different charges for different number of keywords while our charges start from $7.99 Flat for 55 keywords optimization.
    All we are seeking is an opportunity to amaze you with our services. We will be appreciative and look forward to a long and mutual beneficial business association.

    Waiting for your valued response.

    Thanks & Regards,
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