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Thread: To Seal or not to Seal, that is the question?

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    Default To Seal or not to Seal, that is the question?

    Hello All,

    I'm putting the final touches on a new master bath and have a plumbing question regarding my shower/steam room. Here's a quick rundown on the setup.

    The shower dimensions are approximately 5'x5'x8' high. The construction is CBU with a mud pan that is covered with a bonded, waterproof membrane (kerdi) with porcelain tile on top. I have the following penetrations in the walls:

    1 temperature control valve
    3 volume control valves
    2 body sprayers
    1 fixed location shower head
    1 flexible shower wand with escutcheon through wall
    1 steam head escutcheon
    1 steam control unit

    Everything is Grohe, except the steam unit and escutcheon, and has the standard black foam seal for external trim (where applicable).

    My question is this: Should I be sealing every one of these wall penetrations since this is a steam shower, or is that overkill? And if yes, what is the recommended method, just load it up with "sillycone"? This would seem to be the way to go with regard to the escutcheons, body sprayers, and shower head, but what about the volume and temperature control valves?

    Thanks in advance for you help,


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    Hi Tom,

    I would find a way that does not include silicone. Makes it very difficult to work on the valves down the road. Many valve covers have foam gaskets attached. Those that don't can be fitted with them.
    John Bridge, Ceramic Tile Setter :-)



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