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Thread: geothermal saltwater source

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    Default geothermal saltwater source

    very good information site.
    i use csv and am very happy with it. thanks.

    got question in regard to my geotherm system. i live on a saltwater river. i was wondering if i could use the saltwater from the river to feed my geotherm. the water is not very salty! it is an open loop system running off my house well. it dumps the water into the river now. the run would be about 200 feet, the house is about 20 higher than the water edge on a graduale sloop, also the geotherm is on the second floor, 20 feet up. if so what would i need to connect all this up? i have a geotherm in my boat but didn't know if this is something special.


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    Do you have a place in the river where you could put a loop like is used in a closed loop system?

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