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Thread: P-trap operational limits ??

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    Default P-trap operational limits ??

    Getting ready to install plumbing for new tub install, and wanted to know ahead of time if there are any limitations when installing the p-trap. I know that the standard trap is a fairly tight radius. If need be, could a trap be made with two 90o elbows with a straight connecting pipe at the bottom ? if so how long can connecting pipe be so that the trap still functions correctly? (1", 3", 12" ???) If not, is it because the trap operates more efficiently with a tight turn in a shorter length?

    Also, where there will be no access to the plumbing after the tub goes in, is it better to use only glued joints in the ABS plumbing?


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    Built-up p-traps are generally made up of a 90 plus street 90. The short bend promotes "scouring", so sediment and deposits are minimized in the bend. The plumbing
    codes REQUIRE no-access drains to be made up of glued (solvent-welded) or other approved joints.

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