I would like to bring water from a pond 7,000 ft away from a remote work area. The pond is 60 vertical feet above the work area. The terrain is level for the first 6,000 ft from the pond until it drops 60 ft over the last 1,000 ft. I hope to use 1.5 in hdpe pipe with a valve at the lower end and another valve at the 6,000 ft location at the beginning of the elevation change. My hope is that I could use a 2 in honda trash pump to push water through the 1.5 in hdpe to prime the entire length so i will have water on demand using a valve down at the site. I imagine closing the valve at the lower site and opening the valve at the 6,000 ft point until the lower section fills up and water comes out of the upper valve. Then shutting off the pump and leaving the intake in the pond for water on demand. I am wondering if the 2 in trash pump will be able to push the water that far and anything else I might want to consider.