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Thread: ABS wye with spigot end

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    Default ABS wye with spigot end

    I'm looking for a 45 degree reducing wye; 4x4x3, with hubs on the top (inflow) 4 inch and side 3 inch connections and a 4 inch spigot on the downflow end. Same for a 3x3x2.

    I attached a drawing for reference sake. I can't find these at any major home center. It looks like Nibco may make them, but I can't tell from their literature for sure.

    Any help would be great, where I can find them, etc. Thanks!
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    Sounds like you're describing a reducing wye with a street connection. I've personally never seen one, but a cursory Google search shows that they do exist, and are known as "street wyes" (feel free to insert your own pun here):
    I doubt any major home center carries them. You could try your local plumbing supply house. Otherwise you may have to order online.

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    Almost 40 years, never seen one. They are in the Nibco and Charlotte catalogs but I've never seen one on the shelves.
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    A good plumbing supply store should have them, although a 4x3 street "Y" may be harder to find.
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