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Thread: Installing a new Moen Posi-Temp shower valve

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    Default Installing a new Moen Posi-Temp shower valve

    Sometimes it's time to replace an old shower faucet and go with a new pressure balanced faucet.
    Moen makes the Posi-Temp, which holds the temperature within 3 degrees. Pretty nice if you have someone in the home opening faucetsa and using plumbing fixtures. It's also a good idea to keep current so that you will be able to get repair parts in the futures.

    Your old valve may look like this. This was a bit odd. It came with a galvanized riser for the shower head.

    I like to solder outside, making sure I get heat all around the brass fitting. I also pull the cartridge while I'm at it, and reinstall afterwards.

    I sprayed the walls down a bit. That will dry later.

    The cartridge goes back in, hot on the left, and the valve gets spun so that the notch in down.

    And then the trim plate is reinstalled, to make sure that the tile is cut around this.

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    I haven't installed any Posi-temp valves yet, but it appears they are 180 degree symetrical like Delta and many other brands. If so, the the body can be inverted so the water flows directly to the shower head instead of going down into the "sump" created by the bottom cap, and which can get clogged with "debris". I also prefer to assemble and solder the valve and piping "in place". As for the galvanized riser, it was often done, with female tapped valve bodies, as long as we had the right sized piece of pipe.
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