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Thread: Problem with hose bib

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    Question Problem with hose bib

    Here is the situation. Home is 15 years old, wood frame with stucco exterior. Typical of construction in the southwest USA. The plumbing is PEX line with a manifold valve station in the laundry room. I needed to replace a hose bib. The old vacuum breaker was spraying all over the place. I obtained an Arrow-Breaker from Arrowhead Brass & Plumbing, with a compression fitting for 1/2" copper. The Arrow-Breaker is a hose bib with the vacuum breaker integrated into the valve body instead of being an add-on. The connection was a compression nut onto a 1/2" copper stub coming out of the wall. I removed the old hose bib, and then, based on a neighbors recommendation (who said it would leak if I re-used the old ring), removed the old compression ring & nut, replacing it with the new one that came with the Arrow-Breaker.
    Now I have a small leak at the compression fitting causing water to leak down the stucco.
    As I later found out, in most cases, re-using the old compression ring and nut is recommended as long as there are no leaks.
    I have the compression nut snugged up as tight as it will go, but still have a leak.

    I'm guessing that inside the wall, there is a junction of some sort connecting the PEX to the 1/2" copper stub for the compression fitting on the hose bib.

    How can I fix the leak?
    I think that the copper stub coming out of the stucco wall was grooved from the old compression ring, and now the new ring can't reform enough to seal it.
    I can't see how to replace the 1/2" copper stub. The stub comes out of the wall only enough to allow for the hose bib, so I can't sweat a coupling onto the old pipe, and then a new short stub for
    the compression fitting. I don't want to have to open the wall up from the inside to get access to the copper/PEX junction to put a new length of copper on, and I'd rather not have to
    bust up the stucco on the outside of the house.
    To keep things from leaking at the hose bib, I am using the manifold valve in the laundry room as needed.
    I am hoping that there is some sort of an adapter (or whatever) out there to help correct this dilemma of mine.
    How would a professional fix this the right way?
    Your suggestions are greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance (especially since I need to replace the one in the front yard also).

    Here is a Youtube link that explains the Arrow-Breaker:

    Here is the link for the company that makes the Arrow-Breaker, but the link generally does not work when the company is closed:
    Arrowhead Brass & Plumbing: http://www.arrowheadbrass.com

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    Normally we would do it from an inside wall to access the connection to an outside hosebib.

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