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Thread: Advice selecting new softener...

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    "I" meaning you as a one man shop is not true plus, your company does not sell to the end user. The company sells to various layers of go betweens. And I doubt you talk to any of the end users (retail customers) that they sell to.

    Anyway, anyone interested in the truth about naturally soft water and softened water used in a swimming pool should start at the top of page 5 in your linked article. Here's a quote....

    "Naturally soft water, .... has a low mineral content. In these areas, .... Thus, these naturally soft waters are typically aggressive because of the low dissolved solids content or the extreme paucity of any dissolved minerals, and are also corrosive because carbonic acidity has not been neutralized by alkalinity. However, this is not the case with water that was once hard and has been subsequently softened by ion exchange water softening.
    Water treated to remove hardness is inherently and substantially different from naturally soft waters..."

    Those last two sentences misses the low pH and low TDS waters that are also hard (with 4 to say 10 gpg) and then softened with a water softener.

    Using naturally soft water in a swimming pool would be a great place for you to use your LSI (Langelier Saturation Index Calculator) to measure whether or not the grout and some other masonry in a swimming pool could/would be 'corroded' causing expensive damage over time. The same goes for any low pH and low TDS 'hard' water after it has been softened. There are large areas of the US that has that type of water.
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    Wow, you missed the point, again... at least you make us smile.

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    I was worried. He hadn't posted anything in awhile. Thought he might have had an accident or something.
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