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Thread: Cannabis Freedom March to Westlake in Seattle

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    Default Cannabis Freedom March to Westlake in Seattle

    In Seattle they had the yearly Cannabis Freedom March from Volunteer Park to Westlake Mall in downtown Seattle. It was more like a funeral procession of the old laws that prevented individual usage of Marijuana. Not something I personally use, but my son's band Longstride was playing and I came down with a camcorder and recorded some music. Washington State is one of the first to de-criminalize it for home use. I still prefer having a beer, but I'm not going to worry if someone prefers something else in their own home. It's tough to beat a good IPA in Seattle with all our Micro Brewer's here. Freedom to be different. I remember a previous chief of police in Seattle mentioning that he had never gone to a domestic dispute where someone had been smoking weed before. Plenty of times they were called if someone had been drinking Tequila.

    Part one of the video here

    Jamie Love singing with Longstride.

    Longstride at Westlake in downtown Seattle

    Buy the CD here


    Yes, they will be at Hempfest this year.

    Sue pointed out there were a lot of people using walkers and crutches, perhaps we are getting older, or there are some medical conditions that MJ is being used for?
    I'm still holding out for Advil.
    Though I do hear that those going through Chemo may find it useful. After my first colon cancer surgery I had lost 45 pounds in six weeks. I found it hard to eat anything. Looking back on that, it may have helped. I got my appetite back after the second surgery though. Eventually I got back to my preferred weight of 200, which is fine for someone 6'-1".

    Very many nice comments about the music. Jamie had them rocking out.


    Afterwards Sue and I went to the Pike and had a beer and then to the waterfront for cones. It was a nice evening in Seattle.
    Growing up on the Eastside, it was an unusual evening.

    I thing the Bellevue Family 4th will be much different. The Bellevue Park is where my old Junior High used to be before they cleared the land for a park.

    Part one of the video here
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