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Thread: Toilet size, etc. issues.

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    Default Toilet size, etc. issues.


    My current toilet is 30 years old and in need of replacement. There are a few issues which I am confronted with...since my home was constructed in the 1930's, the rough-in size is 14". Also, I have somewhat limited space & I'm searching for an elongated bowl, but a bowl which would be 30" (maximum) from wall to front of bowl.

    This current toilet is an Eljer & I was wondering if anyone knows of a manufacturer that produces a toilet with a 14" rough-in that will also meet my other needs of length (30" max.) and possibly a trapway size of 2 1/8" or larger.

    Thanks to everyone who could be of assistance.


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    You should read the link Terry mentioned.

    Once you do, note that all of the following Toto toilets will work with a 14" Unifit Adapter and install with less than 30", according to their spec sheet, including 3/4" behind the toilet to the wall. All are elongated bowls. Pretty cool, huh?

    Aimes (28-7/16"+3/4"behind toilet)
    Carlyle II (28-5/16" + 3/4")
    Carolina II (same " as Carlyle II)
    Eco Guinevere (28-1/4" + 3/4")
    Eco Lloyd (28-1/8" + 3/4")
    Eco Soiree (same " as Lloyd)
    Legato (28-7/16" + 3/4")
    Vespin II (28-5/16" + 3/4")

    The Vespin II is probably the least expensive of the bunch and is an absolutely-excellent toilet. If you had an Eljer, you will be amazed at how great the Toto is. Do not pay attention to list price. The street price is significantly-discounted. Shop around, look at Terry's prices above (Red "Sale on Toilets" Box) as a guide, etc. DO YOUR RESEARCH and then call your local plumbing supply places and ask for their price. Prices will vary wildly from one store to another, so try a bunch, using the prices you researched as an indication of what's a fair price.
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