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Thread: PRV for irrigation system?

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    Default PRV for irrigation system?

    I installed a Watts N45B pressure regulator (vertically) on a home mainline not long ago.

    Would the N45B series be a good fit for an irrigation mainline being converted to drip irrigation? It would be installed horizontally in an underground valve box in advance of several irrigation valve clusters. The PSI in the irrigation main is typically 90-100 PSI where I intend to install it.

    If not the Watts N45B series, can you recommend something else?

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    It should have adequate capacity, unless the zones have a high volume demand. The PRV does NOT eliminate the requirement for an approved vacuum breaker/back flow prevention device, however.
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    The specs say the pressure range is 25 to 75 PSI and I think most drip systems should be run below 25 PSI.

    I use soaker hoses with 25 PSI regulators and at that pressure they still squirt and spray, wetting walkways and staining my white siding.

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