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View Poll Results: Should I re-use the 1950's fixtures?

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Thread: Am I crazy for wanting to re-use 1950's tub toilet sink?

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    Your tub was equivalent to the Kohler "Mendota", not the Memoirs, and it predates the time when they began using a straight apron to make it easier to tile to the tub. good luck finding parts for that sink in the places you probably have access to. I was going to say that if you had the sink in the upper photo, scrapping it would be the smartest thing you ever did.
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    There is a restaurant near where I live that is the '50's', it is really, neat to eat in. Kind of like the Happy Days. Even the bathrooms are retro. I don't know if they are the originals fixtures or replicas. If using them, gives you pleasure I say go for it. It can always be changed later down the road if something doesn't work out. It wouldn't be the end of the world. Have fun doing it.

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    What you are planning on doing is what I am doing now. Same style. Same color. I replaced the tub valves with modern valves. Rebuilt the toilet valve. Removed everything from the sink and installed a complete rebuild kit. The American Standard Chrome over Zink was falling apart. The rebuild kit for "Shelf Back" sinks is Chrome over Brass.
    Personally I would rather rebuild the old stuff because I bet the new stuff won't be usable in 60 yrs. Cast iron was better then. Porcelain was thicker and lead based making it harder. The style is timeless. Ignore the naysayers. Do what you feel.

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