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Thread: Disposal "T" keeps clogging

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    Question Disposal "T" keeps clogging

    I have a sink/disposal connected as per Terry's diagram: http://www.terrylove.com/images/sink_dw.jpg

    The "T" where the disposal meets the vertical line running into the trap clogs easily during high use times (like today, Thanksgiving). The problem is that ground food gets wedged in the down-pointing "baffle" in the T; I assume that this is a special T for disposals (with the baffle) to pursuade food not to back up in the ajoining sink.

    It's all 1 1/2". Is there any harm replacing that T with a normal non-baffled T?

    Dick Mincher
    Cupertino, CA

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    How old is the disposer?
    I may not be grinding things up fine enough.
    Running with water is important too.

    You can also install the non-baffle tee.

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    Thanks for the quick reply (and on a holiday too).

    The disposal is a new Insinkerator 777 that I installed within the last 6 months. The problem existed before the new disposal was replaced.

    I must just be taxing it a bit too much on the holidays.

    I'm glad to hear that I can replace the T with a normal un-obstructed T; I was going to do that but without some expert advice I was afraid that I was running the risk of ruining Christmas.

    Dick Mincher

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    Even though you have a powerful 1HP disposal, it is important to feed food into it in small batches with lots of water.

    Although it may not be possible in your situation, I prefer an installation where the disposal exits into an elbow and goes down into the T.

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    Default tee

    If you install a non-baffled tee, the water is going to splash out of the sink when the disposer is running. You probably have a plastic baffle tee. They have a smaller opening than a brass baffle tee which you could use to replace your existing one.

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    Cool Deb

    Disposers are NOT garbage cans and were never meant to be. If it is clogging, you are no doubt putting too much down it too fast. Sanitary drainage systems were never really designed to convey food (unless it had already been eaten ;-)
    The Pipewench


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