I'm looking to do a sprinkler system on our property (part of the property). We are in a high fire zone so we're looking for a perimeter around our house with an in ground pop up system. Why not above ground? We have 3 large dogs that have proved in the past they will break off stationary above ground sprinkler heads/lines.

We have recently purchased a 500 gal. water tank which the sprinkler system will be hooked up to (tank will also be a back up in case our well goes under) we're planning on mounting the tank on top of the ridge along the backside of our property (approximately 20-30 ft higher than where the sprinkler system will be installed)

I'm planning on running approximately 20-30 heads on 3-4 timed systems. (run at 3-4 separate times)

Total length of the full system will be approximately (high estimate) 700 feet of 3/4" pvc.

My question is will the pressure of the gravity be enough to run these sprinklers or would i need a small pump to force the pressure through the system? The sprinklers will be the only thing on the system. All of our house water requirements are hooked up to our well. If a pump is required should I look at a 1/4hp, 1/2hp, 1hp, 10hp, etc etc etc. Any recommendations on brand, model, etc?

Sorry for the rookie question, never taken on a project quite like this before - always been on city water where pressure was never an issue. Thanks in advance