Something is up with my upstairs plumbing. Ever since a plumber buddy of mine installed a new valve in the guest bathroom, I have been having issues. The issue is that all fixtures are expelling what looks to be bits of metal. They come out greenish. This stuff is clogging my fixtures. I've had to remove the shower head in the other bathroom several times because the water comes to a standstill....I clean it out and then I am back in business. Now, I notice in the bathroom that I just renovated, the new sink has no pressure at all....the tub and shower are fine.

When my buddy put on the valve, he put it on wrong. When he went to disassemble the solder joints, he banged the hell out of the joints with a wrench as he heated. Since my water heater runs perfectly clear and is maintained, I can only think that this is the source of my problem....my buddy beating the hell out of the pipes and that he knocked a bunch of crap loose. Also, this issue started immediately after he installed the valve.

The issue repeats itself anytime I turn the water to the house off. When I turn it back on and turn on the upstairs tub valve, this crap comes out.

It has my hot water in my bathroom sink rendered useless....I suspect it is clogged with this crap.

How do I resolve this??